Harley-Davidson Men’s Harley-Davidson Smart Vest

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Harley-Davidson Men’s Harley-Davidson Smart Vest

Harley-Davidson Men’s Harley-Davidson Smart Vest

The Harley-Davidson Smart Vest gives you impact protection without the bulk. It combines Dainese technology from more than 25 years of research with a look that’s quintessentially Harley-Davidson. This rechargeable advanced airbag system vest for motorcyclists is engineered with a series of sensors to monitor what’s happening around the rider and constantly processes data in real time. It’s designed to instantly deploy in the event of a collision on the chest and central back area. Its cow leather build is also perforated to welcome airflow, has move-with-you side panels, and features reflective branding for enhanced visibility.

  • Perforated leather, stretch-sivupaneelit
  • edessä vetoketju
  • Heavyweight nahkaa 100% polyester-vuori
  • rinnassa ja selässä Dainese D-air airbag system, maksimaalinen suoja. 3M Scotchlite Black Carbon Reflective-heijastava nauha
  • Liiviä voi käyttää ajotakin päällä tai alla
  • Certified to EN 17092-6:2020
  • https://www.harley-davidson.com/fi/fi/shop/harley-davidson-smart-vest-pour-hommes/p/98017-24VM





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