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Kawasaki Versys 650 SE

Huom! Tämä tuote on tilaustuote. Tilaustuotteita ei voi tilata verkkokaupasta suoraan. Tee lisätietopyyntö niin asiakaspalvelijamme ovat sinuun pikapuoliin yhteydessä.

Versys 650 ABS on todellinen jokapaikan pyörä, jolla matka taittuu mukavasti silloinkin, kun
tienpinta vaihtuu asfaltista soraksi. Varustelemalla pyörän alkuperäisillä
Kawasaki-lisävarusteilla, saat pyörästäsi parhaan mahdollisen hyödyn omaan

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Wide handlebar

Combined with the slim, upright riding position, the wide bar offers excellent machine control.


Sporttinen tyyli

Sporttisesti muotoiltu etukate tuo pyörään kevyen ja urheilullisen ulkonäön. Kate suojaa kuljettajaa ajoilman viimalta ja ohjaa ilmavirran kuljettajan sivuille ja yli. Kaksoisajovalot lisäävät valotehoa ajettaessa pimeällä.


Muotoiltu polttoaineisäiliö

Polttoainesäiliö on muotoiltu niin, että kuljettajan on helppo hallita pyörää ja ajoasento on hyvä.


17” wheels

17” wheels front and back contribute to quick, sporty handling
and accommodate a wide variety of sport tyres. Stronger wheels contribute to an increased payload.


Clean-mount pannier system

Revised mounting system for the accessory panniers gives them a more integrated look, and ensures the rear of the bike looks sharp when the panniers are removed (Panniers availble as accessory).


High chassis feedback

The key to the Versys 650’s sleek chassis is its compact Parallel Twin engine, which allows the use of a slim, lightweight frame.


Increased payload

Reinforced rear frame and stronger wheels allow an increased payload, allowing riders to take more with them.
The stronger rear frame allows accessory panniers and a top case to be used at the same time.


Adjustable windscreen

Larger windscreen with a 60 mm range can be adjusted without tools, allowing riders to tailor their wind and weather protection.


Inverted front fork

Long-travel ø41 mm front fork with stiff springs is the key to active control of the bike’s front-rear weight transfer. Separated functions for each tube allow all adjusters to be at the top of the fork for easy adjustment. Settings contribute to both light handling and ride comfort.


Offset laydown single-shock with remote preload adjuster

Long-travel rear suspension is designed to easily soak up road imperfections. 


47 L accessory top case

Larger-volume 47L accessory top case can accommodate two full-face helmets. Top case and panniers can be used simultaneously. (Top case available as accessory).


Slim, upright riding position -

The compact engine and slim frame result in a design that is narrow at the knees and feet. Repositioned footpegs offer a more relaxed position, making it easier for riders to spend more time in the saddle.


Petal brake discs

Triple petal disc brakes look great and deliver plenty of stopping power. New calipers, revised master cylinder settings, new brake pad material and a larger ø250 mm rear disc deliver increased controllability, stronger initial bite and greater overall brake force.


649 cm3 liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Parallel Twin

Tuning of the 649 cm3 Parallel Twin engine focused on achieving a throttle response that balanced a powerful feeling and a quick-revving character. 


Reduced vibration

Changing the front engine mounts to rubber mounts instead of rigid
mounts reduces vibration at the handlebar, seat and fuel tank,
significantly increasing comfort. The reduced vibration also contributes
to increased mirror visibility.


Under-engine muffler

Muffler located under the engine contributes to mass centralisation, frees up space under the seat and helps keep heat away from rider and passenger. 


Numerous genuine accessories

Complementing the colour-matched panniers and top case, numerous accessories increase touring ability and contribute to long-distance comfort. Newly available accessories include LED fog lamps, shroud sliders and a gear position indicator.


ABS Available

Smaller ABS unit is lighter and takes up less space.